A unique opportunity to work with Adventures with Archives, as part of a production team, working alongside professional filmmakers, writers and musicians, to create new filmic experiences from vintage film. 

Want to enhance your creative portfolio?

Interested in exploring new ways of working with film?

Open to new ways of generating ideas through spoken word, narrative and scripts?

Want to see your work screened in cinemas and at festivals?

Flexible free online sessions FEB-JUNE

The course is now fully booked and underway

As part of the production team, participants have the opportunity to access a unique archive film, to inspire new writing and spoken word. They choose to edit or create music or create a narrative …or all three!  Technical support available alongside creative workshops with spoken word artist Nafeesa Hamid.  The films will be showcased at festivals and at alternative site specific screenings led by the team.

The course is free and is aimed at West Midlands based young people 16-25 emerging as writers and/or film makers. We have been keen to recruit people from a wide variety of backgrounds/experiences and make the sessions as accessible as possible.

Through February- April sessions will offer a mix of online workshops, individual research and collaborative working.  There will be 6-8 sessions to build and work around schedules.

Work created will be shared here soon!

 For more information feel free to contact Janette below: